About Inmoco

We are a collaboration of Estate Agents, who work together to share Properties & Commission.

Simple! Just register, pay the annual subscription and get access to properties from all the other agents on this website. Load ONLY your direct properties on to the site, using your log in and password and make them visible to all the other agents on the site.

The costs are 400 euros per year Plus IVA.

  1. Your properties will be shown to a much wider audience, through our agents network.
  2. You will have access to more properties than you dreamed of.
  3. No more emailing or calling other agents. Everything is on one website.
  4. You will receive marketing material, to promote your agency.
  5. Adverts will be placed in Major media. We will market the fact that your agency is part of a Major group of agents and that clients only need to come to you and not to go to hundreds of different agents to find the home of their dreams.

NO! This is a property sharing website that is for Real Estate Agents only. So the only way clients can have access to the properties is by visiting you in your office, calling or emailing you.

This site is limited to the number of agents per area. So be quick to register your interest NOW!