Terms & Conditions

Inmoco, in Spanish, define the collaboration between real estate professionals. This collaboration is mainly due to the sharing of the captured product, so that any Inmoco partner can market real estate captured by another partner. Inmoco also have a code of ethics or behavior that must accept all its partners that regulate the proper functioning of the same and establish the rules of collaboration between partners.

In order to access our shared database or activate Inmoco Searches, you must read and accept the conditions and rules of conduct below. These conditions are intended to frame a code of conduct and to establish the regulations with respect to the way in which the agencies interact in their consultations with each other, carry out their commercial actions, and obligations in general with respect to shared properties.

Acceptance of these conditions will mean the immediate activation of access to Inmoco. Any use considered unlawful, abuse, unwanted messages, photos with telephone, emails or any other action that we consider unlawful, will mean the permanent deactivation of your access to the database.


  1. The administrator user of each agency knows the scope of the application and is solely responsible for the shared properties in the database.
  2. Inmoco agencies offer a real and truthful commission. of PVP in sales operations, having to make it publicly with other agencies. The commission is subject to the 50% distribution between the receiving agency and the agency that has the client (receiving agency) (Taxes not included)
  3. The procuring agency undertakes not to place logos or phone badges or personal data on properties and photos that it shares in Inmoco
  4. In the description of the property to be shared in Inmoco must only include information related to the property and not to refer to other activities.
  5. The procuring agency undertakes to comply with the law with respect to the obligation to publish their properties with Energy Certification.
  6. The receiving agency will be responsible for the veracity of the data sent on the file of the shared properties.
  7. The procuring agency grants the right in an unlimited way that its properties are copied by any other agency or user adhering to the Inmoco system. The data copied will be exclusively public data and owner information will never be shared.
  8. The receiving agency agrees that its properties copied from other agencies may be removed from its database without prior notice.
  9. Inmoco reserves the right to limit and even block access to any agency or user at any time without prior notice.
  10. Inmoco shall not be liable for, or a participant in, closed transactions through the sharing of real estate. Nor is it responsible for the content or veracity of the ads published by the agencies.